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What Trustify Small Business Secure Does For You

Trustify Small Business Secure brings you the top-rated cyber security tools, at prices not available to any other end-user. Big discounts, one solution and one easy monthly payment.


We work 24/7 to keep your business and your people safe from cyberattack, leaving you to focus on what you do best.

Protect your business with Privacy, Anti-Virus & Anti-Malware software, for web & mobile use, from Avast.

Secure your website from cyberattacks and data breaches with SSL certificates from Entrust and Malware Protection form Sitelock

Achieve and display the UK Government’s ‘Cyber Essentials’ Certification to promote your business security standards.

Our Website Security Report will outline YOUR potential for cyberattack and data breach and recommend steps to resolve.



All products are super fast and simple to install.


One low monthly or easy annual cost to protect your business.


Completely secure all your devices and services.


Full support for your business whenever you need it.

Avast Business

  • Network Antivirus
  • Firewall
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Identity Protection
  • File Server Security
  • Data Safe
  • Remote Management

SSL Certificates

SSL certificates are one of the most important components of encrypting your website data and making your Internet transactions secure. That’s why choosing the right SSL Certificate for your business is so vital.

Your website’s security is our number-one priority. That’s why Entrust SSL Certificates feature public key encryption in our root certificates. With support for SHA-2 algorithms, Entrust SSL Certificates protect your data by offering stronger security and increased performance.

Get SiteLock

Protect Your Site and Visitors with SiteLock – the Global Leader in Website Security

FIND Malware and Threats Faster

FIX Vulnerabilities Easier

PREVENT New Threats and Guard Your Reputation

ACCELERATE Your Website Speed

COMPLY with Industry Standards and Security Best Practices

GDPR Compliance

New General Data Protection Regulations apply to both controllers and processors that are handling personal data of individuals. This new regulation applies to all businesses collecting and processing personal data of individuals residing in the EU, regardless of the company’s physical locations.

With substantial fines looming for those who don’t take these matters seriously, we strongly advise that you are fully compliant by the deadline of May 25th, 2018.

PCI DSS Reporting

PCI DSS applies to all organisations worldwide that transmit, process or store payment card data. These regulations apply to both small merchants handling a few orders to large enterprises processing thousands of transactions.

The rules for PCI DSS include everything from data encryption to network security, these requirements are difficult to achieve and maintain. We will continually monitor to your business to ensure your full compliant.

Hackers and Malware never sleep

Online security threats are serious business. Hackers and malware can sneak in and disrupt your operations, costing you time and money. Worse still, hackers and malware can take down small to medium businesses completely, or use them as a route into attacking customers, suppliers, and partners.

Our small business security bundles greatly reduce the chance of risk and disruption for your business, guarding you 24/7 against the latest threats, updated daily.

Our Products

Trustify Small Business Secure brings you the best of today’s cybersecurity products in one easy to buy, easy to install, easy to manage bundle. We work tirelessly to protect your business, your people, your future 24/7, so you can get on with being successful.

You don’t need to trust to luck against cybercrime. Put your trust in Trustify. Because the harder we work, the luckier you get.

Our Promise

We promise to provide you with discounts even the original Vendors do not provide to end-users. Offering you great savings on the best rated products. We also promise to ensure that the products on offer are simple to download, simple to install and simple to manage.