The BA Hack is focusing minds

Simple Cyber Risks are being missed as large enterprise organisations focus too much attention on investment in the tooling they need to collect the critical intelligence on the increasing number of sophisticated Cyber threats hitting their networks every day.

This investment in Cyber detection and protection services is missing simple security measures that stop malicious traffic in its tracks, and like your House Alarm, act as a deterrent to Cyber Criminals.

Unfortunately, this is only one part of a much bigger picture.

These are the 2 stand-out risks highlighted by the recent BA Hack that should not have been missed.


Free SSL Certificates

Free Certs Problem

Cyber Criminals are using free SSL certificates to legitimise their fake websites. Free SSL certificates are issued by certificates authorities who do not check the authenticity of the website owner and criminals are using this security hole to acquire them without going through any checks.

This means that you can be fooled into giving your payment card details and other personal data to Cyber Criminals even when you are told the site is SECURE by the new browser security indicators.

This was part of the method used in the BA hack.

LEI EV SSL Solution

BA could have implemented Brand Monitoring & Protection Services to track down the offending spoof site, blocked it and advised customers to avoid using it.

Consumers should look for an EV SSL certificate in the browser’s address bar, which is the only way of determining the authenticity of the website they are visiting. It presents the organisation’s name clearly as the organisation has been vetted and the ownership of the domain has been verified by the issuing Authority. Free certificate providers do not check the authenticity of the site owner.

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Security of Code

Security of Code Problem

The BA Hackers also compromised unsecure website code to redirect users to their fake site, which then collected the payment card details of 380,000 BA customers.

Cyber Risk Manager Solution

This hack could have been prevented by cleaning and securing the code, using a Code Signing Certificate before it was published on the website.

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